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PlayerVsPlayer Overview

Keep track of how you're doing against other poker players and mark changes to your game to see how those changes affect your results.

Graph chips exchanged between any two players in your Holdem Manager 2 database.

It's very important to know how you're doing against players you encounter frequently. PlayerVsPlayer displays a graph showing how much you've won or lost across all the hands you have played against a particular player.

It's especially important to know if any changes you're making against that player are showing positve results! Add annotations to the graph that indicate changes you're making to your strategy against that player so you can easily identify what results those changes had in the future.

While you're mostly going to see how you're doing against other players, you can select any player in your database and see how they're doing against any other player too. You can even display a VsPlayer type window showing villain's results against other players.

It's also a very fast way to see if you're currently winning or losing money against a certain player compared to searching through the Hold'em Manager vsPlayer Report.


  • Now supports cash games and tournaments
  • Create annotations with notes to mark changes to your overall strategy or against certain players on the graph
  • Graphs chips exchanged between any two players
  • Fast and easy way to see how much you're up or down against another player
  • Table of all graphed hands
  • Hand History Viewer to see hand details
  • Works with your existing Hold'em Manager 2 Database
  • Hold'em Manager doesn't need to be running, just the PostgreSQL database
  • Runs in Java Runtime so should work on Mac or Linux if you're using Parallels or Wine
  • Doesn't require Internet connection for added peace of mind